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Are Biscotti cups the answer to the problem of waste coffee cups?

We love this recent story about Air New Zealand testing edible biscotti coffee cups.


The edible cup is made from wheat flour, sugar, egg, vanilla essence and natural vanilla flavour. It is leakproof and will “stay crisp at least as long as it takes to drink the coffee, and longer”.After finishing the coffee, passengers can actually eat the  cup like a normal biscuit.


Air New Zealand are offering the edible cups on selective flights and in its lounges. They admit introducing them across all their routes would be difficult.


Unfortunately the edible cups contain gluten, dairy products and nuts, so not suitable for everyone. Xpresso will be sticking to their vegware cups for the foreseeable future but we'll keep an eye on developments and if they come up with an allergy safe, vegan option then we'd be happy to give it a go!


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Health benefits: Coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes and blood pressure

A new study has found that drinking moderate amounts of coffee is associated with reduced risk of metabilic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome affects one in four adults and is a number of conditions that often occur together and increase the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.


Researchers found an association between coffee consumption and decreased risk of type two diabetes. Also  long term consumption is associated with a decreased risk of hypertension.


All good news for those of us who like our cuppa.


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